Andrei Murphy is an insurance solutions expert who has spent the majority of his life as a proud and dedicated Des Moines resident.

Originally from Wheaton, Illinois, Andrei relocated to Des Moines, his parents’ hometown, in his youth. As a teenager, he was excited to learn the energy and feel of his new home echoed some of the best parts of growing up near Chicago. Since arriving in 2000, he has witnessed the city’s tremendous growth and transformation, all while it retains the same small-town feel that makes it so special. Although it maintains some big city flavor, Des Moines offers a real family environment unique to the Midwest.

Andrei was 15 when he and his family joined the Waterbury neighborhood. He attended Roosevelt High School and enjoyed his time there, playing baseball and running cross country. Upon graduation, Andrei chose to attend the AIB College of Business and earn a business finance degree. After completing his college education, he entered the insurance industry, initially in a sales role. He later accepted a position with the ING Group before striking out on his own as an independent agent. Andrei now focuses most heavily on empowering senior citizens and other hardworking Americans to make the right policy decision for themselves and their households through sharing his honest industry insight.

Andrei attributes a large part of his entrepreneurial spirit to his upbringing, as well as the strong work ethic endemic to the Midwest. He has never enjoyed limiting himself and thrives beyond the confines of the cubicle. This go-getter attitude has propelled him forward, along with a sincere appreciation for the opportunity to help people in need of the right protection and coverage. Operating primarily in rural markets, Andrei deeply enjoys traveling to meet real people to have real conversation, favoring honest chats around the kitchen table over phone calls without exception. His professional philosophy very much reflects this attitude – one family at a time.

Andrei fosters personal connections with his clients and develops true friendships that mean far more than any business deal ever could. He firmly understands that local mom and pop shops are the true backbone of our great nation, and with this mind he does whatever he can for the community. In the face of big business, instant communication, and dehumanized interaction, Andrei does not fit the mold. The value of intimate personal connection cannot be overstated, and he bases his business on this fundamental concept.