Although smaller than many metropolises, Des Moines has much to offer in the way of tourism, culture, and sports. Yet, it is its community that stands out to me the most, and in no other aspect of the city is this more apparent than in the exquisite cuisine it offers on nearly every corner. Through word of mouth among friends, neighbors, and relatives, there are a few restaurants in particular that have emerged above the rest, offering unparalleled service, a friendly atmosphere, and more importantly, delicious, excellent, edible goodness.

Fong’s Pizza

Known throughout the state of Iowa for it quirky pizza combinations that work, Fong’s pizza has become a fixture in the Des Moines community. From Crab Rangoon pizza to Sriracha Chicken bites, your tastebuds will never be bored when exploring this creative and diverse menu. With mouth-watering memories, you are bound to not only never forget your first time at Fong’s, but to return and try the rest of the menu as soon as humanly possible.


Urban. Elegant. Sophisticated. This cosmopolitan Italian eatery offers only the freshest of ingredients in its quest to present fine dining at the most cost effective price possible. Although certainly sleek and one might even say modern, the restaurant never sacrifices its Des Moines down-to-Earth roots and has fostered a deep sense of connection with its surrounding community.

Zombie Burger & Drink Lab

This creative take on the many emerging burger and shake shacks offers a fantastic variety of quality milkshakes and what are self-described “gourmet burgers.” Located in the East Village, it is in the perfect position to satisfy the hunger and quench the thirst of hungry Iowans on lunch break looking for a fun momentary escape from the office. Peruse its menu of the undead for a laugh and a good old fashioned American burger, and maybe even a slight supernatural chill.

Smokey D’s BBQ

What kind of list this would be without mentioning barbecue I don’t know, and I don’t intend to find out. For Des Moines’s “championship BBQ,” look no further than Smokey D’s. From customized catering for a corporate event to an intimate family meal, Smokey D’s is the perfect option for those looking to kick back and fill their stomachs with some of the best food in Iowa.

There may be many restaurants in Des Moines, but there are only a few worth mentioning. The above represent the best of the best, the most awe-inducing, mouth watering, salivating inspiring gustatory establishments in all the land. If you’re ever looking for a quick bite, you can do no better than Des Moines’ finest.